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Chastisements - Preparation and Protection Against Them

Chastisements - Preparation and Protection Against Them

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This book explains the What and Why of Chastisements, Warnings of Chastisements, Prayers for Protection Against Them, How to Endure and Survive Them and Hope for the Future.

Does God punish us with chastisements?

What is the predominant sin that causes chastisements?

Why does God allow the innocent to suffer from chastisements?

Has the Blessed Virgin Mary ever warned of chastisements?

What were Pope John Paul II’s warnings to America?

Was Katrina a chastisement?

What are the warnings of chastisements from Jesus?

Can chastisements be averted or mitigated?

What is a formula for protection, endurance and survival of chastisements?

Is there any hope for the future?